Makers Fellowship

For Interns And Newly Grads

What you Get ?


For Business and Coding Backgrounds



Our Curriculum

Monthly Training

Makers School

The Makers School is our extracurricular training program to help young talents to learn critical skills in the startup world.

SQL Training
McKinsey Workshops
Growth Training
Crypto Training
Leadership Training

Our Training Parters

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Application Process

Apply to the Fellowship

The easiest part of the process... In the application form, we are going to ask a ton of questions about you.

We are not only interested in your career, but also your motivation, goals, and interests.


The assessments will depend on your background:

For business candidates, you are going to solve a really cool real-life business case we built with our partnered startups. 📖 

For coding candidates, you are going to solve two phases of coding exercises and challenges. 💻

Reference Checks

In Makers, we believe you are much more than your CV.

This is why we always perform reference checks with all our candidates, which allows us to know more about you!


The final phase of our selection process is to have an interview with the Makers Team.

We will make questions based on your application, assessments, reference checks, and motivation to join us.